Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2nd Poem

Please tell me,
when will the burning stop?
When will this frustration end?
When will you give me an answer?

Please tell me,
how could I feel like this?
I see no wounds,
there is no spilt blood.
But why am I dying?

Please, oh God, please tell me,
is this in my head?
Is this not a mortal wound, no doctor can heal?
No one can see?

Please show me,
how to live this through.
I can't do this alone, will you help me?
No, please don't go, I don't want to be alone again.
Not again, not again
-not again.
No! No, not now!
Do not leave me I beg of you!
I want to die, if it means to be with you.
But not without you, that is clear to me!
Nothing is worth losing you, not to me.

How can I stand here?
You're leaving me!
Why don't you see me? Or why do you ignore me?
I know you can hear me, I know it.
I knew it, I knew it.
Please forgive me, will you?
Can I ever repent for this?
You know I can't repent for long. You know I can't repent for all.

But I'll try, you said I can do it.
I trust you.

Oh dear I hope you didn't lose sight of me.
I still have these burns. I can see them now.
I know you and I can feel them,
you know you can see them.
It's killing me it is.

You're the only one I want,
you know that right? You're the only one I need.
Will you help me?

Friday, March 21, 2008

1st Poem

The chimes of war sound.
The men are gathering their arms.
The world unbalanced,
the Stream corrupted.

The bell tolls,
war is here.
Children cry, women dreading.
The battle begins,
screams of pain toiling.
The souls of men left to wonder,
with no where to go, what will become of them.

Women still cry, their babes now grown,
the souls still wandering.
They wonder what happened, where they went wrong.
Only they know fear.

How can we believe in Heaven,
when human reason counters all?